After years of being addicted to class A drugs, street homeless, countless hospital admissions, jail, lost and broken I was given the opportunity that would change my life.

I was given the chance to go to ANA Primary rehab where for 3 months I was in a safe environment with 24 hour care, allowing me to start recovering.

Making new friends, with a day to day timetable giving me a structure and routine, something I hadn’t had in years.

Over a period of time I was allowed to go out shopping once a week, slowly allowing me to integrate back into the outside world and setting me up nicely for the second stage of my treatment.

I graduated from primary and moved into a secondary house with other peers, the work on myself began, going into the centre everyday apart from weekends. I done groups, workshops, meditation and 1-2-1 counselling sessions.

I was responsible to cook & clean for myself, go to outside fellowship meetings. All this would help me when I left treatment more than I realised at the time. I am now in ANA works after completing 6 months of treatment, I have just celebrated 2 years clean in April. I have educated myself, passing Level 2 health & social care NVQ and now doing level 3, I also volunteer at the local hospital.

I have some amazing friends in recovery and I have my family back in my life and have been on holiday with them. I am going abroad for the first time in 15 years with my friends in recovery.

Being in ANA has helped me become who I was always meant to be.