Drug and alcohol issues can have a huge impact on our lives, from social interactions and working life, through to relationships with family and friends. There is support through our Hampshire rehab treatment centres for individuals affected by drugs and alcohol.

Providing much-needed support through private rehab, all of our ANA Treatments in Hampshire have been developed to help our clients tackle their drug addiction, whilst rebuilding resilience and confidence in all aspects of their lives.

With a strong focus on life skills, health and wellbeing, teamed with bespoke therapy and support, our teams work hard to cater for our clients’ individual needs. Armed with extensive knowledge, skills and experience in drug rehabilitation, we’ve worked hard to create a warm, welcoming and safe refuge where every patient in our care can work to rebuild their life, at their own pace.

Alcohol rehabilitation in Hampshire

Through our alcohol rehab, we provide individually tailored detoxification programmes. Our goal is to help our clients to rebuild their lives, gain confidence and rediscover their self-worth. Our mission is to provide our patients with the resilience and tools they need to live a healthy and productive life, free of alcohol.

Working in collaboration with our clients and listening carefully to their individual needs, we adopt a number of different techniques to tailor each of our programmes.

For us, it’s all about encouraging recovery through support and respect. In order to do this effectively, we use a number of non-denominational philosophies, including the Twelve Step approach to help tackle drug and alcohol issues in the long run.

For further information about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Hampshire, and to get help with substance abuse, please get in touch.