Looking for alcohol addiction rehab or drug treatment support, in the London area? Since 1998, we have been helping many residents of South East England recover from drug or alcohol addiction and start afresh with much more promising futures. If you live in London and are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would be happy to welcome you into a safe and friendly environment at our Portsmouth-based treatment centre, which is within easy reach from London.

Here is a rundown of the services (including private care) that we can deliver as part of a treatment programme that can be tailored to meet a range of specific needs that you may have.

Detoxification Services for London

Supervised by a specialist GP you can be detoxified from the mood-altering chemicals of drugs and alcohol. During your time with the ANA community, you will have accommodation – and possibly, for your safety, also a roommate – and follow a structured timetable which includes group therapy. Along the way, you will also have 24-access to staff who can answer questions you might have.

Primary Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

The ANA Primary Treatment programme is intended to foster abstinence in clients. The programme can last between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the requirements of specific clients – whether they hail from north London areas like Barnet, southern parts like Croydon, or any other London boroughs.

One-to-one treatment sessions, a regularly updated care plan, and peer-based group therapy are all elements of the programme, which can end in a graduation ceremony upon completion.

Secondary Treatment – the Next Step to Recovery

At this stage, clients will apply and develop what they have learned during primary treatment and so put themselves further along the path towards lifelong abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

Clients can join our Second Treatment programme wherever they usually live in London – including Outer London areas such as Ealing, Newham, Hounslow, Havering or Richmond upon Thames. They can also join whether they received primary treatment from ANA or a different treatment centre.

Third Stage Treatment

Following their completion of Secondary Treatment, clients can start transitioning towards living independently, helped in the process by a support network.

While continuing to reside in accommodation provided by our staff here at ANA, clients will manage their own schedule, which will include time spent both therapeutically and in the community. The programme offers practical workshops and voluntary and education/training opportunities.

Aftercare Following Drug & Alchohol Rehabilitation

Once you have completed treatment with us at ANA and remained clean for at least four weeks, you can join our Aftercare groups. These are open groups which, each facilitated by one of our counsellors, take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings (10:30-12:30) and Thursday afternoons (14:30-16:00).

These groups offer support for when you continue your recovery. You might want nonjudgmental and supportive opinion on various issues such as education, housing, training, relationships, social activities and benefit support.

Call Us for London Drug & Alcohol Support

The ultimate goal is for you to return to a new life, free of addiction to alcohol or drugs. Whether you currently live in Greenwich, Bromley, Hillingdon or anywhere else in London, you can learn more about our treatment services by phoning us on 023 9237 3433.