Sometimes rehab is not for everyone, there are choices you can make in your recovery journey. Our ANA Treatment Centre in Southampton aims to get our clients back on the road to recovery, as quickly as possible. Call us asap to find out how we can help:
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How does the treatment work?

All of our detoxification solutions and treatments are designed to combat drug issues and provide much needed resilience.

We focus on improving life skills, health and wellbeing, as well as therapy and support. All of our treatment measures have been designed to help our clients to rebuild their lives, based on their individual needs. Ultimately, our drug rehab clinic in Southampton is a safe refuge where those with addictions can embark on a life changing experience that will help them overcome addiction and the debilitating conditions that come hand in hand with drug and alcohol problems.

If you’re looking for addiction recovery in Southampton, we can help.

Alcohol rehabilitation in Southampton

With some of the highest successful completion rates in the UK for residential treatment for alcohol addiction, we are proud to offer individually tailored detoxification programmes and alcohol rehab in Southampton.

From our private rehab clinics in Southampton, our goal is to help all of our clients to rebuild their lives, gain confidence and rediscover their self-worth. All of our ANA treatments have been designed to encourage our clients to live healthy and productive lives, free of alcohol and other addictive substances.

Encouraging recovery through support and respect, whilst working in collaboration with our clients, our unique and tailored programmes are non-denominational in nature and combine a number of philosophies, including the Twelve Step approach.

Take action today, request information about drug rehabilitation in Southampton or alcohol rehabilitation in Southampton, please get in touch.