Being faced with an addiction – in yourself or someone else – week in, week out can be hugely dispiriting. We are well aware of this, having assisted many South East England residents in overcoming the difficulties of drug or alcohol addiction. Our centre in Portsmouth is modern, bright and comfortable. We can collect people from East Sussex from Brighton, Eastbourne or elsewhere.

East Sussex Drugs & Alcohol Detoxification

East Sussex residents aged at least 18 can, while supervised by a nurse and GP, be detoxified as part of our rehabilitation services.

We run detoxification programmes for both drug and alcohol clients. While on one of these programmes, a client will be assisted one-on-one by an ANA keyworker and attend group therapy. Residents of East Sussex towns including Seaford and Hastings are welcome on the programmes.

Primary Drugs & Alcohol Treatment

We provide services for clients aged eighteen and over.

While following our programme, a client will have ANA-provided accommodation, develop tools to support their recovery, and join peers in group therapy. We also give each client a personalised medical regime.

Primary Treatment at ANA has a typical duration of somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks.

Secondary Treatment for Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Having learned key tools at the primary treatment stage, a client can proceed to develop them while on our Secondary Treatment programme. In doing so, they can help themselves further learn ways of abstaining from drug or alcohol addiction for life.

This part of our drug or alcohol treatment is available for various East Sussex residents – from such towns as Crowborough and Bexhill-on-Sea – who have undertaken a primary treatment scheme, whether at ANA itself or a different treatment facility.

Third Stage Treatment Continuing Rehabilitation

This stage naturally succeeds the just-detailed secondary treatment phase. During Third Stage Treatment, clients can begin reintroducing independence to their lifestyles.

However, right throughout this part of the treatment, a client will continue to be routinely and firmly supported by other people – and come closer to a clean and sober lifestyle. The programme consists of alcohol or drug rehab features including practical workshops and voluntary opportunities.

Free Aftercare Service for Drugs & Alcohol Rehabilitation

East Sussex clients can regularly return to ANA for Aftercare. It’s a free complement to our main alcohol and drug treatment.

We deliver Aftercare through sessions which take place from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays and 2:30pm until 4pm on Thursdays.  These counsellor-facilitated open groups become available to clients once they have been clean for at least four weeks.

Interested in further details about our services in drug or alcohol rehab in East Sussex? We are here if you call 023 9237 3433.