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Information For Clients

The only criteria to be a client at ANA is that you are over 18 years of age. We offer treatment to all clients on the basis of mutual trust, respect and abstinence.

You will complete an assessment with ANA so that we can tailor your treatment needs.

We have a Buddy programme within ANA, so you can get support from a peer. We recognise coming into treatment can initially be a daunting time.

You will have a Key-worker, they will provide 1:1 sessions and be your main point of contact.

Your Funder is welcome to visit you during your treatment, and have meetings with you and your Key-worker.

Fundamental to treatment is the acceptance of addiction and a willingness to work to overcome it. ANA works with the 12 Steps philosophy and also offers CBT. You will complete written, and group work around this philosophy.

ANA has rules and boundaries that you are asked to adhere to, for your, and the community’s safety. We welcome your feedback on the boundaries as they have been created by clients.

If you choose to progress to Secondary and Third stage treatment, you will become part of the recovery community in Portsmouth. We have found that this is largely made up of ANA graduates, who will come back into ANA to share their experience with the new community.

Upon graduation from treatment, you are welcome to attend our free aftercare sessions.

If you are a Care Manager or a Funding Agency, please see below.

Information for Funders

  • Programme content information is available in the Treatment and Services Section.
  • ANA offers tailored detoxification if required.
  • We offer places for people aged eighteen and above. There is no client upper age limit.
  • ANA currently provides treatment to clients from across the UK. Many are referred to us via a broad range of probation services, DATs, substance misuse teams, NHS organisations, GPs and other treatment providers.
  • DRR / DTTO clients are welcomed at ANA.
  • Admissions and assessment documentation is available upon request and we consider all individual referrals based on their own history and current circumstances.
  • ANA provides comprehensive Care Planning and Key worker services, based on personal, medical and treatment needs.
  • Probation / Care Manager visits are welcomed and occur weekly.
  • Block bed bookings are available.
  • ANA operates a best value fee setting policy.
  • Fee discounts are available for block bookings and to new referring agencies for set periods of time.

Please contact our admissions manager on 02392 373433