Another poem from Jonny, who is celebrating graduation now:

Graduation, I’m checking out,
Watch out world!, as I’m about,
The time it flew, my time spent here,
My time spent here, I hold so dear

Friendships made and progress too,
I now know what I must do,
I rode it out, so glad I did,
Obsessive thoughts, so glad I’m rid

I took some steps … 1,2 & 3
I once was blind, & now I see,
My addict he wants me dead
So many lies he had me fed

Actively listening, has no price,
Give up the flight, forget the dice,
I now admit I’ve been so wrong,
I must admit it took me long

My peer evaluation worked a charm,
My dangerous ego, I can now disarm,
Evening Zooms, I learnt so much,
It’s secondary next & that’s a touch

I’m full of nerves, yet cannot wait,
I truly feel that this was fate,
Today I can listen, today I can learn,
Those bridges now, they no longer burn