A second excellent poem from one of our recent residents, Jonny.

It’s that time for me to leave,
I’ve got my tools, they’re up my sleeve,
Tools for life, recovery,
A sober addict I now can be
Thanks to you I now have peace,
I fee free, no more a beast,
I can’t thank you, than you enough,
To deal with me I bet was tough
All my life I thought I knew
What’s right, what’s wrong, I had no clue,
I’m just a boy who’s hid in plain sight,
All I knew, was to run or to fight,
Within my skin I now can live,
I now can listen, I now can give,
I hope you grasp what you’ve done,
I now stand proud, no need to run,
All my peers, present and past,
My love for you will always last,
I wish you well, I really do,
What a journey we’ve been through.
Of the staff what can I say?,
Thank God you’re here, fuck Jonny’s way,
I owe you all, I won’t forget
I feel blessed that we have met,
People who just really care,
I’m sorry if I caused grey hair,
All jokes aside, I thank you all,
You know your stuff, nobody’s fool,
It’s up to me & it’s down to me,
A grateful addict, I hope you see,
Talk is cheap, action is more,
Thanks you guys I know the score.