Jon's poem

A wonderful poem from one of our ANA residents, Jonny:

This place is magic, I don’t think, I know!
A vulnerable addict it helps me to show,
I wonder sometimes, how did I get here?
Just a scared young man, full up of fear

It’s a madhouse in ANA, that’s what I got told,
With nothing to lose I stepped in from the cold,
I was shown to my room, both scared and afraid,
My thoughts stuck on the mistakes I’ve made

A week of this?! That’s taking the piss,
I laughed to myself, I have nothing to miss,
I pushed through the days, one by one!
Before I knew it, those days they were done.

A knock on the door, ‘Right Jonny, let’s go’,
Lights, camera, action and on with the show,
I met all my peers, thank God they were kind,
‘It’s time for group Jonny’ so open your mind

I spent many days just hiding away,
I had things on my mind, not willing to say,
I listened in group, I thought that was fine,
I heard peoples pain, their pain was mine

I eventually shared, for this I am glad
Addict to addict, I no longer felt mad,
Serenity group holds a place in my heart,
Trust in the process, try trust from the start

I’m a teachable addict that just wants to learn
Each day clean … I know I must earn,
I pray each day, it’s strange, it’s new,
I will never forget any of you!!