Come see, let’s travel, just you and me.

Let’s go far and wide, on a journey that’s free.

Imagine the door that you close as we leave.

And onto the street, the beginning – we’re free.


So where will we go to, let’s walk you and me.

Shall we sit on a bench, and imagine …. where to be?

There’s one over there, let’s sit by the tree.

We can draw up a plan or, go with the flow and just be.


The rest of our road, sometimes winding …… or straight.

The choice can be ours – never on time, early …… or late.

We can walk, we can jog, even get there by bus.

It don’t really matter, as long as there’s us.


C’mon, let’s go, there’s a hill up ahead.

You know when we’ve climbed it, we’ll both feel half dead ?

I will go first, you can come after.

You can cushion my stumbles with humour and laughter ?


On the way down, we can change places.

We can both tumble, with smiles on our faces ☺

We can laugh? ‘til we cry? and cry into laughter?

Not a care in the world, in a moment’s ever after.


At the bottom a beach, a forest or meadow.

Where we can just lay … and look up feeling mellow.

The clouds they pass over, our heads, they’re all scattered.

Some they look thick, whilst others look scattered.


When we sit up, it’s a beach, on which we sit.

The sand it is golden, soft, and not grit.

Sun on the horizon, going down for the night.

It’s golden glow hazy,  but still pretty bright


Close my eyes gently, my ears to the sea.

The ebb and flow licking the sand next to me.

My eyes when I open …. A forest so grand,

Large and expansive as it covers the land.


I think of the animals that live with the trees.

The deer and the venison to the birds and the bees.

The forest holds vastness and diverse life within.

Let’s go and explore it – come on, let’s begin.


Soon into a meadow, we gallop ….. or skip.

Oh what an adventure, a beautiful trip.

We can rest here some time, lay down or sit.

Hold hands for a while, physically connect for a bit.


I have missed you my child although you’re within.

How do I love you, oh where to begin.

You’re shy and reserved, your talents you hide.

Come out of the shadows and own them with pride.

Bless you my child.