ANA offers a detoxification programme to individuals aged 18 and over. We accept public, and private funded clients.

ANA offer Detoxification from drugs and alcohol under supervision of a GP and a nurse. detoxification from mood altering chemicals will give clients the opportunity to live life free from substances, and enter society with a fresh chance to engage with their community.

Clients are provided with accommodation, and may have a Roommate for their safety, during the first couple of days. Clients will be a member of the ANA community, will engage with a structured timetable and attend group therapy. Clients will be given a keyworker who will provide one-to-one key-work sessions, focused around the individual client’s needs. Prior to your admission, you will have an initial assessment. You will have the opportunity to have a tour of the building if your assessment is carried out at ANA and have any questions answered.

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When you arrive on the first day of treatment:

  • You will meet with the doctor, and your medication will be prescribed
  • You will go through the admission process, this involves an assessment, meeting the staff team and being shown your room
  • You will meet your peers and your ‘Buddy’ – this is a member of the community who has been in Primary Treatment for a period who can provide you with peer support
  • Staff are on hand 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you may have

Detoxification programmes for alcohol are often 10 days, detox times from drugs can vary. Specifics will be discussed during your initial interview.

ANA recognises that clients completing a detox may have different needs to the rest of the community, and may need more rest. Clients will agree, prior to and upon admission, to engage with the ANA timetable. This timetable has been specially designed for our detox clients. If circumstances allow, once the programme has been completed, clients are welcome to procure a Primary Treatment Programme.

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