ANA views Secondary Treatment as applying the tools learned in primary treatment and developing them into strategies for lifelong living and abstinence. Clients are admitted following a secondary assessment provided that they have received primary treatment (at ANA or another treatment centre). 

Clients live independently with other peers in ANA’s centrally located houses, making their own way daily to ANA’s secondary centre in Southsea to attend counselling, groups, workshops and education lectures.

All clients will have an individual care plan to identify their practical needs (independent living skills) that go hand in hand with therapeutic needs.

Secondary Treatment Features

  • Practicing how to use the tools you learned in Primary Treatment
  • Experience of living clean in the community
  • Opportunities to learn how to deal with real life stresses and take responsibility
  • Learning how to enjoy life and have fun without alcohol, drugs or self-defeating behaviour
  • Keeping yourself healthy and knowing what is right for you
  • Development of a recovery support network
  • Full staff support through emotional and practical issues in therapeutic group sessions and 1:1 sessions with Key-worker
  • Weekly workshops including relapse prevention, relationships, the 12 Steps, communication, conflict resolution and personal goal setting skills
  • Weekly ACT groups used to support goal setting and addressing negative thinking
  • Attendance at a minimum of 4 AA, NA and, or CA meetings per week
  • Referral and advocacy regarding resettlement in Portsmouth
  • A graduation ceremony upon completion of your secondary treatment programme
  • Post-graduation support