People can become addicted to alcohol and drugs for many different reasons. Some struggle to cope with difficult circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, a break-up or relationship break down or the loss of a job. Addiction can stem from any life changing experience or life event that causes significant trauma, and drug and alcohol issues can have a huge impact on our lives.

There is lots of support and help available when it comes to treating addiction, designed to help individuals to get on the road to recovery.

What does addiction treatment do?

The main purpose of addiction treatment is to provide patients with the support and treatment they need to stop compulsive drug and alcohol abuse.

Of course, it’s not a case of one size fits all when it comes to tackling substance abuse. There are a wide range of treatments available, delivered in lots of different settings and over varying lengths of time. Each individual is assessed on a case by case basis in order to establish the best course of treatment.

From behavioural therapy, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy or contingency management, through to medications and rehab, the best course of treatment depends on the patient’s case and their individual circumstances.

Ultimately, the main purpose of addiction treatment is to provide strategies that will stop patients turning to drink and drugs, while helping to ensure they won’t relapse. This means they can concentrate on regaining a sense of normality in their lives by rebuilding relationships, getting back to work and improving their parenting skills if need be.

Why choose ANA Treatments?

Providing much needed support, ANA Treatments have been expertly developed to help our clients tackle their drug and alcohol issues, while rebuilding resilience and confidence in all aspects of their lives.

Our ultimate goal is to help all of our clients to rebuild their lives and rediscover their self-worth, so they can live a healthy, responsible and productive life, free from alcohol and drugs.

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