From social interactions and working life, through to relationships with family and friends, drug and alcohol issues can change lives. And many often don’t realise the impact that their actions could have on those around them.

However, a strong focus on life skills, health and wellbeing, teamed with bespoke therapy and support, makes it possible for addicts to embrace the road to recovery as quickly as possible and regain a tight hold on their everyday lives, hopes and ambitions.

The key to rebuilding lives is learning those essential life skills that will help addicts to reintegrate into society as quickly as possible.


What are life skills?


Life skills are the tools an individual needs to face the challenges that come hand in hand with everyday life. Vital life skills are integral to recovering from any form of substance use disorder and play a critical role in the recovery process.


Here are just some of the skills that are crucial to recovery:



When you’re recovering from any form of addiction, keeping an open line of communication is key. From assertiveness, the ability to express emotions, conflict management and resolution, through to negotiation skills, the ability to say no and of course, problem solving skills, there are a host of communication skills that are vital for recovering addicts.


Creative Thinking

During any recovery process, creative thinking should be encouraged. This not only helps people to focus on achieving their goals and ambitions, but it also encourages them to identify the path they want to take in life and how they are going to get there. This type of focus can really help individuals take steps to overcome addition.



Resilience is important in all aspects of life. It’s crucial that addicts are able to remain on track with their recovery despite any barriers and disappointments they will naturally face along the way. When teaching the importance of resilience, an individual should be shown how to recognise negative emotions such as grief, anger and anxiety, as well as how to deal with these emotions appropriately. Being able to overcome these feelings without letting them alter thoughts is extremely important.



Self-awareness focuses on learning how to handle stress and identify when you need help. It is a skill we need in all aspects of our lives and plays a significant role in any recovery from addiction.


Why choose ANA Treatment Centres?

Here at ANA Treatment Centres, we provide individually tailored detoxification programmes that have been carefully designed to help our clients to rebuild their lives, gain confidence and re-discover their self-worth. Our mission is to provide our patients with the resilience and tools they need to live a healthy, responsible and productive life, free of alcohol.


For us, it’s all about encouraging recovery through support, respect and teaching vital life skills. For further information about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Hampshire, please get in touch.