Drug and alcohol addiction can change every aspect of an addict’s life, affecting their relationships, friendships, work-life and more.

If you live with a drug or alcohol addiction, there is help and support available, including private drug and alcohol rehab. At private rehabilitation centres, specialists work with those suffering from addiction by helping them to rebuild their life skills, health, and overall wellbeing. With this bespoke therapy and dedicated support, anyone can begin working towards long-term recovery.

What to expect from private rehab

Private drug and alcohol rehab providers offer a range of benefits.

Allowing you to access carefully tailored treatment as quickly as possible, private addiction treatment experts have a wealth of clinical experience in providing high quality, highly effective rehabilitation.

Dedicated to helping to treat patients that are living with a wide range of addictions, a private rehab journey can be adapted to allow patients to benefit from bespoke treatment options, strictly confidential services and quick admissions.

What are the differences between NHS and private rehab?

The main difference between NHS and private rehab is that you can usually be seen a lot quicker with a private provider. Tests and care plans are also implemented far quicker and patients do not have to endure long waiting lists. However, unlike NHS rehab services, you will have to pay for private rehab.

Private rehab clinics are dedicated to treating patients living with a wide range of addiction issues, allowing them to concentrate all their resources on this specific area.

How much does private rehab cost?

There is a wide range of private alcohol and drug rehab centres and services available, including inpatient rehab, online rehab, outpatient rehab, and individual counselling. The cost of using these facilities will depend on your circumstances, the provider, and the level and length of treatment that you need.

How to choose the right private rehab provider

When it comes to choosing the right private rehab, you should make sure that the clinic you choose can provide the best treatment plan for your needs. The best way to do this is to speak to the clinic first and discuss the kinds of treatments they think would be most effective for you. You should also consider the facilities they offer, and whether the clinic meets your needs in terms of location, accessibility, etc.

Why choose ANA Treatments?

Here at ANA Treatments, our goal is to help our clients rebuild their lives, gain confidence and rediscover their self-worth.

Our treatments have been designed to encourage our clients to live healthy, responsible and productive lives, free from alcohol and the other addictive substances that have such life-altering effects.

To find out more about our private drug and alcohol rehab services, or to discuss your needs or concerns, please get in touch with our specialist team. We’re ready and waiting to help.