Many alcoholics find that attending AA meetings plays a significant in their recovery.

But, for many addicts, the prospect of attending their first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can be incredibly daunting, and part of the reason for this is that they don’t know what to expect.

What is an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?

If you are committed to tackling your alcohol issues, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can aid your recovery by allowing you to open up to a like-minded group of individuals who also have problems with alcohol.

Many people who attend these meetings are able to put their drinking problems behind them and continue with their lives thanks to sharing their experiences and opening up about their troubles with alcohol.

There are two different types of AA meetings:

  • Open meetings – intended for alcoholics and non-alcoholics, such as family and friends
  • Closed meetings – intended for alcoholics and those who have a problem with alcohol and want to stop drinking

Who can join an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?

Anyone who has a problem with alcohol and wants to stop drinking can join Alcoholics Anonymous. The only membership requirement is a desire to stop drinking.

You don’t need to pay to join or make an appointment, you just need to turn up. And, if you change your mind, there’s no obligation for you to keep going back. You can attend meetings as often or as little as you like.

What happens at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting?

Many people have no idea what to expect at their first AA meeting, causing them to experience a high level of anxiety before they attend. However, you will quickly find that you have nothing to worry about, as AA meetings are relaxed, friendly and open.

Each meeting is led by a facilitator, known as the chair of the meeting. It is their job to welcome everyone and run the meeting. The chair will read the AA Preamble to start the meeting, followed by the Serenity Prayer. Different members of the group will then be invited to read sections of AA literature.

During your first meeting, you will be asked if you want to introduce yourself – this is not mandatory, and you don’t have to speak unless you are comfortable doing so. There are no intrusive questions, and you can rest assured that your privacy and anonymity will be respected at all times.

During the meeting, you will spend your time listening to other people’s stories about their problems and recovery from alcohol however, if you do not wish to share your journey, you can decline to speak.

AA meetings are also informal so there’s absolutely no pressure to share your own personal experience with alcohol. It’s about a group of like-minded individuals sharing their experiences, strength and hope with each other in a supportive environment. And, remember, AA meetings are attended by people of all ages and from lots of different backgrounds.

Where can I find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?

AA meetings are held all over the UK in various venues, as well as in over 100 countries around the world. You can find a meeting near you here.

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