The main aim of rehabilitation programmes is to give people the tools, skills, and support they need to live a happy and fulfilled life following an illness, injury or addiction. It can take many forms and will differ per person and per situation.  

What are the main objectives of rehabilitation programmes and therapy? 

Rehabilitation programmes are used by many people for lots of different reasons. As a result, all programmes are tailored to every patient’s unique requirements, so that everyone can access the right level of support, in a way that works for them.  

Although the main aim of rehabilitation programmes is to maximise independence through therapeutic programming, other end goals include: 

  • Adapt to life with a disability  
  • Optimise mobility  
  • Improve communication in all areas of life  
  • Help people to care for themselves again, whether dressing or bathing 
  • Address any swallowing, feeding and nutritional needs 
  • Overcome balance and coordination impairments 
  • Regain movement, strength and endurance 
  • Work alongside family and friends so that they can aid when needed.  
  • Identify employment opportunities 
  • Overcome any life barriers  

What are the benefits of a rehabilitation programme? 

There are many benefits that come hand in hand with rehabilitation programmes, especially when it comes to improving the standard of life of those that have suffered from addiction. Benefits can be physical, mental and even lifestyle-based. 

What are the physical benefits of Rehabilitation? 

  • Helps to restore mobility following an accident or illness 
  • Reduces swelling 
  • Helps people to move more easily without pain or discomfort 
  • Strengthens muscles  
  • Optimises flexibility  
  • Improves your coordination and balance  
  • Addresses the intensity of muscle spasms

Essentially, rehabilitation provides patients with a greater sense of independence, which can have a huge impact on their general health and wellbeing following any form of physical trauma. 

What are the lifestyle benefits of rehabilitation? 

Many people choose to participate in rehabilitation programmes as it makes a huge difference to their recovery, especially when it comes to finding their feet in the world again and living life to the full.  

For example, the core lifestyle benefits of rehabilitation include the following:  

  • Improves your chances of getting back to work more quickly, which means you can ease your financial worries quicker 
  • Helps you to improve your day-to-day health and wellbeing and can benefit your attitude toward others around you 
  • Sparks an interest in the things you used to love again 
  • Helps you to regain a sense of purpose  

Finding your feet following a traumatic life event can be incredibly daunting, challenging, and emotional however, with the right level of rehabilitation it is possible to get back the life skills and abilities you lost through illness, injury or addiction.  

Why choose ANA Treatments? 

At ANA, we work closely with our clients to help rebuild their lives, gain confidence and self-worth and believe that they can live a healthy, responsible, and productive life, free of addictive substances.  

Our main alcohol and drug rehab treatment and services are based in Portsmouth and serve HampshireSussexSurrey, and London. Contact ANA today, our friendly team is on hand and ready to help.